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I had sexual relations with a cousin without her consent. Is Allah disappointed in me?

I had oral sex with my cousin without her consent. Will Allah be disappointed in me, even though I now realize it’s wrong?

I don’t want to marry this man…please help!

I want to marry another person who has taken care of me for over 10 years now.

Should I choose to marry and keep parents happy now even though it would create big problems later?

 I know my parents are going to be hurt if i choose the man i want but I’m sure it will save a lot of bigger problems later on in life.

Being forced to marry someone although I love someone else of another religion

My boyfriend has now offered to take me away with the consent of his parents… I am certain of only one thing. I am against this forced marriage and i still have feelings for my boyfriend.

How can I convince my husband to use protection on our wedding night?

I’m scared, I don’t know my fiance at all… I need time to be able to trust him and I think having a baby is a mutual consent and I have an equal say in that matter.

My fiancée wants to marry me despite his father´s dissaproval.

Assalam Alaikum,
Last summer I received a proposal from a very good muslim brother. His parents came to visit first and immediately liked my family and visited again with their son a few days later. This isn’t my first marriage nor is it his, so I was cautious and concerned about the person I’d end up with. Upon meeting him, I didn’t think he was my type nor did he seem interesting. But my parents and siblings encouraged me to keep an open mind. His father had called and talked to me quite a few times