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I hope my sister dies

I am 12. She is 18 and my mum wants her out her life she is useless!! IM CRYING EVERYDAY CAUSE OF HER

Sexual abuse by my father (+zina) family issues

Being forced to having sex with my father every Night from when I was a little Girl til now is something that eats my soul every bit every Day.

Can istikhara result change over time?

Please help me soon.

Abused by my Family – Please Read and Help

I am in dire need of some religious help, please!

What is the best for me to do?

My heart automatically falls for her again and again.

My Brother’s Marriage.

I just can’t handle seeing my parents go through all of this…

A pregnant Muslim lady abandoned by her own family

I cannot love my parents or my husband any more. I cannot forget my suffering.

Help a sister out, please?

I have been sexually and emotionally abused by my father for 12 years.

Should I tell my dad that I’m getting married

My dad and I don’t speak to each other at all… My dad did so many unforgivable things…

What should I do!!

Our parents are really happy for us and support us, they just don’t know how soon we want to get married.