Muslim Wedding in Conakry, Capital of Guinea, West Africa


Conakry, capital of Guinea in West Africa

Conakry, capital of Guinea in West Africa

Conakry or Konakry (Malinké: Kɔnakiri) is the capital and largest city of Guinea. The city is a port on the Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of about two million. Guinea used to be part of the Songhai Empire until 1591, and then a subsequent Islamic state in the 18th century that brought stability and prosperity to the region. Around the same time Fulani Muslims immigrated to Guinea. The capital city, Conakry, was founded under French rule in 1890. Today Guinea has 24 ethnic groups, of which the Fulani form 40%. The population is 85% Muslim.


Grand Mosque in Conakry, Guinea

Grand Mosque in Conakry, Guinea

Here we see a wedding in the city of Conakry. These photos were posted on Picasa by Chantal:

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  1. The bowl in the picture contains Kola Nuts. They are shared among the wedding guests at the end of the Nikkah. I know this is a traditional act of great importance to the ceremony, though I am unsure why. I will In-sha Allah ask my Guinean Fiance more about this tradition as i know he would like this act performed at our Nikkah.

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