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Cambodian Muslim Wedding of the Cham People

Cambodian Muslim bride and groom

This is the bride and groom. She was in a very resplendent red gown while he was dressed rather simply.

SS Quah, author of a blog titled “Anything Goes”, writes:

My wife was in Cambodia for a holiday. I let her use my camera even though she had never seriously used it before. Even though I had primed her on how to use it and how to frame the subjects, I was prepared for some hilarious results.

Surprisingly, almost all the photos she took came out fine. Gee…. over the next few days, I hope to show some of the nicer and more memorable shots here.

The first picture was taken along the Mekong River. It’s such an idyllic life. People resting by the river bank and a very picturesque boat waiting to take passengers on a sunset cruise for USD4 per person. I suppose the sleeping fellow is the boat’s pilot.

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