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Zawaj.com Humor Files: Goha is Asked to Pray for Rain

A young child holds an umbrella as Kashmiri Muslim pilgrims pray in the rain in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Editor’s Note: Some call him Goha or Joha, the Turks call him Hodja, while the Perisans call him Mollah or Nasrullah. Regardless of what you call him, this wise, mysterious and sarcastic figure has been a fixture of Middle Eastern stories for centuries.

Goha is Asked to Pray for Rain

There was a terrible drought. After a long deliberation, the villagers decided to approach Goha, who was known to work miracles on occasion, and ask for his intervention in bringing the rain.

The whole community went over to Goha’s hut and the elders stated their request.

“Sorry”, said Goha. “There will be no miracle because you have no faith.”

“But Goha, how can you say that?” said the villagers. “After all, is it not our faith that brought us to your door, begging for help?

“If you really had faith,” said Goha, “You would have come with umbrellas.”

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