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A Lavish Asian Wedding in London

A Pakistani Eastenders wedding in London

Actors from the Eastenders show doing a wedding scene

Can someone tell me what culture this wedding video (n0t the photo) comes from?

I know it is South Asian, but is it Pakistani, Bengali, Indian…?

This must be one the most lavish, elaborate weddings I have ever seen. Is this normal? No wonder a wedding can bankrupt some families.

Islam teaches us moderation and balance. We need to be less concerned with putting on a show that everyone will admire and remember, and more concerned with fulfilling our obligations to Allah, and starting out the marriage on a sound emotional and spiritual footing.

For that matter, imagine if all that money spent on the wedding was instead given to the new couple to help them furnish a new apartment, establish some savings, and maybe even start an education fund for their new children Insha’Allah. Wouldn’t that be so much more productive?

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