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A woman’s role at the death of a family member

What are the responsibilities a female family member can take on following the death of a parent, spouse or sibling, other than of course praying and giving solace to other family members (provided they find the strength to do so)? Is it any different to the responsibilities and roles of male family members? If there are any differences, what happens when the deceased has left behind only a wife or sister, or a wife and only one or several female children?

I never got to marry him, can I marry him Hereafter?


I fell in love with a boy 6 years ago. We were really serious about each other but our parents wouldnt allow it and he wasnt independent. He repeatedly asked me to do nikah with him in secret but I refused to go against my parents. My parents married me to someone else and I got divorced after 3 months with out consumating the marriage.