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Want to marry sikh boyfriend but my feelings are torn.

I am a muslim girl and I’m in a relationship with a non muslim man. I know that it is unlawful for a muslim girl to marry outside her religion but to eradicate my confusion of why muslim men are allowed to marry non-muslim women but women are forbidden, I’ve done my research and I came across this website which impressed me…

My girlfriend is engaged to someone else to save her parents pride

I’m from a sikh family, she is a muslim (memon), we met 4 years ago, we are madly in love. She never said much but naturally after studying religions, I started following Islam, but not everyone knows. I was an atheist before, I was not following any religion, she spoke to her parents about me, and I met her parents, her mom told me everything is fine, but we would accept you only when your mother agrees to your conversion.