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«I am becoming distant from Allah because I see no marriage prospects.

marriage cannot be the sole

marriage cannot be the sole

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  1. Assalamualaikom sister

    MashaaAllah let me congratulate first for holding to your chastity and purity. This is indeed something you
    should thank Allah a lot for. How many girls sold themselves very cheap unfortunately and they lost their respect for themselves and the purity and innocence they were born with.

    let me guess...
    you are alone and you don't have much contact with good muslim sister in your community. is that right ??

    What you feel is clearly shytaan taking advantage of your emotional state. and as long you are away from the good sisters who can give support, you will be easy victim for Shyataan. If you want to get married pray more .. not pray less.. make duaa more and more not less..

    You clearly need somonee good sister by your side.. what will happen to you if the angle of death visited during the past month , and you die not praying..

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