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«Do I need to confine myself to my home in order to be forgiven for committing zina?

do not despair mercy forgiveness tawban repent

do not despair mercy forgiveness tawban repent

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  1. Make tawbah via extra prayers and if possible making charitable donation to someone in need, to the mosque or a charity. Do not discuss your situation with anyone. Seeking forgiveness requires action. Not hiding out. Consider how you got yourself in the situation of committing zina and make a promise to avoid that behavior. Do no put yourself in a position where you get involved with the opposite sex, where you are alone with someone from the opposite sex or having phone calls and texts with someone of the opposite sex. Also ask Allah to increase your iman. You know in your heart and conscience whether you committed zina because your were weak and/or seduced or because you are "in the dunya". Explain to the person you were involved with that you realize your errors and that you can no longer be around them. That you have to end your relationship with them. That you are more concerned with your soul than being involved with someone you are not married to, even if they are a good person. No one likes to be alone; everyone likes being in love. But the Greatest Love is from Allah. Lovers come and go. Some people will have a sexual relationship with another person and 2 or 3 years later see them in the street and it is as if they are seeing a stranger. So try to create your life where your focus is to please Allah. And always ask Allah to protect your from the temptations of this world. Many people have made the same error. Don't think you are alone. So many people get caught up in sexual moment, but an hour later or the next morning ask themselves "What have I done?" with so much regret. And fear about pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease or worse, finding out the person they were with might be married, seeing someone else, or is not a nice person and was using you. But each day, and during your day, ask Allah to forgive you and to keep you on the correct path. Allah will never ever disappoint you. We are His servants and our first duty is to serve Him accordingly. Allah loves us when we do wrong things and turn to Him to forgive us. Never doubt His Mercy.

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