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Is it allowed to make youtube videos?

I live in germany and its not easy to find hijabs and abayas here. There are not many islamic shops. I decided to open my own hijaab and abaya shop soon inshALLAH. I saw many hijabis who do videos on youtube. I was gona do some too, (with my own designed hijaabs and islamic talks…) But I’m not sure if it is allowed to do that?

My mother in law wants me to wear abaya at home

Salaam aleykum,

Thank you all for helping me with my previous posts and I appreciate your understandin ! I wanted just to ask: is it needed to wear abaya in front of my in laws?

If a woman does not wear a burqa, is she bad?

In my family, most of the women wear the burqa. When I was a teenager, they suddenly started forcing me to wear the burqa. They went to everyone’s house and said that I haven’t started wearing so I’m bad. I did not want to be forced into anything, I wished to accept it with my heart.