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Arrogant revert daughter in law

I am asian muslim mother with revert mixed race (black jamaican/white) daughter in law. She has two children one girl and one boy. She has been with my son for approx 9 years she claims. She has only been living with us for 12 months. I find her very arrogant. She does not help in the house much. It has taken her this long to understand to be clean and keep her bedroom clean and clean up after the children.

Older sister in love

My sister loves a man and she wants to marry him. She tells us not to ever fall in love and to let our parents choose our husbands. But she continues talking to this man after my parents rejected him. She is being a hypocrite. I asked her “why don’t you just stop talking to him?” She says she feels guilty that she talks to him but she can’t stop talking to him.