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I was told to change my baby’s name, Sajdaa

I have a baby girl and her age is 2 years. We choose ‘SAJDAA’ as her name. But recently I was informed that to change this name.

Estranged from husband, can I give my child my own last name?

As my husband and I are estranged, and he is not around, I want to name my baby after my grandfather instead of his father.

Baby name – Oula

Is this acceptable as a middle name?

Is ”Wali” name appropriate for a new born?

By grace of Allah I have a baby boy born in my house.

Name meaning?

I like the name but if it does have a negative meaning then I’d want to change it.

We named our daughter Kinza; do we have to change it?

I have an 8 year old daughter. When she was born, we named her Kinza. We found this name in many Islamic books and websites which had a meaning of “hidden treasure”, derived from the Arabic word “KANZ” which appears in the Holy Quran (meaning treasure). However, a few years ago, we read somewhere that the word KANZ actually means the treasure which we keep to ourselves unlawfully and do not pay Zakah on it.