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Is ”Wali” name appropriate for a new born?

father and baby

Assalam O Alaikum,


Hope you are fine. By grace of Allah I have a baby boy born in my house . I want to ask that is  ''Wali'' name good or appropriate for him?

I know it is one among 99 names of Allah. I mean only calling him ''Wali'' . I know good way is to keep name as '' Abdul Wali'' but i heard some og names we can keep without prefix.

And I must mention that though even if his full name will be ''Abdul Wali'' most of relatives and other people will always call him just '' Wali'' as it is easy to pronounce.


Please guide me as soon as possible. Shall i keep this name or is it better to avoid this name?


Jazak Allah.

Khawar Mahmood


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  1. Walaikumassalaam,

    I'm gonna give you the general rules and you can figure it out.

    If the name has a meaning or refers to a function or quality that only Allah is capable of, like creating, resurrecting, lordship, etc. then it is not permissible to call a human being by these names, except by prefixing "'abd" to that name.

    If however the name refers to a more general quality, like hearing, listening, being generous, wisdom, etc. it is permissible to call a person by that name. Of course the permissibly is for those Names of Allah that satisfy this condition and with the initial "al" removed from the name (because "al" implies uniqueness and exclusivity).

    • The poster above is absolutely right.

      To answer the specific question posed here, Wali means a friend or protector. A woman's father is her wali so this is a human quality. Therefore a child may be named that.

  2. I want to do Istikhara for choosing the name of my newly born baby Girl. Can you help me with this? Zikat ki 2. or june 24 The names I am choosing from are:
    Im father .

    • Syed Irfan Ali, istikhara is NOT based on names and birthdates. This is a misconception that stems from Hindu numerology and astrology. Salat-al-Istikhara is a prayer that a person prays himself / herself, asking Allah to guide him to what is good, and keep away whatever is harmful. After that the person should make whatever decision he thinks is best, and trust that Allah will help.

      Wael Editor

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