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Cheated, hurt and abandoned!!

Does Islam allow us to harm or hurt the people who hurt us… I am so depressed and angry that I want to punish them.

how to deal with a cheating husband

Last year when I was pregnant with our second he had gone on a business trip, and when he came back I got ahold of his phone and from the google search history there were things like “tantric massage and sex in (the area he was)”. He admitted to all this but says he did not have sex, but I’ve no reason to believe him.

I don´t connect with my husband emotionally at all, I still want a divorce.

I would first like to say that I regret what I have done and I repented to Allah. Here is my story, I am in my early 20’s and I got married at the age of 19..

My girlfriend left me to marry someone else and I can’t get over it

It all started 2 years back. I’ve been in love with my girlfriend for the last 2 years and I loved her more then my life and anything else. I loved her with my whole heart and never even saw any other girl except her. Everything was going smoothly and we saw a dream of marriage.