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All Ages Concert: 👍 or 👎

Is it haram for me to go to a concert for all ages? My mother and brother agreed.

Dating in Islam

Is it haram or halal to go out on a date with a guy for the sake of knowing each other better (knowing that he’s thinking seriously about asking me for marriage)?

Oral Sex Between Husband and Wife

I have two very personal questions…

Commission from brokerage by telling the customer that “selling price” is that of original “company price”.

The question is that; can my father pretend to the buyer that the price offered to him is the price of the company so that there remains no room for bargain by the buyer.

I have a special talent, but is it haraam?

I have a question that I was not able to resolve through the Holy Qur’an, or through prayer, or any other vehicle, and so I want to ask the members of this web site if they can help me, inshallah. Here goes…