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Parents in the way of marriage

His family would never be okay with me because of the country I come from.

Love is not enough for his parents

I am willing to learn and understand Islam and will eventually convert. However, this is not enough for his parents as I am of different nationality.

choosing dad over a guy is it right?

I am 18 and the guy I still love is 30. He is from a different nationality but he is a very good muslim and he respects me alot. We dated for a year and did alot except zinaa. And I’m still feeling really guilty and shameful for whatever I have done. Because I really love my dad, I did what he said. I left the guy. But since then I feel really guilty and cursing my self every time I think of him. Whatever I have done was haram and at the end another sin which I broke his heart for the sake of my father.