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How to convince her and her family when they don’t want to listen to me?

i understand her situation and i will wait for her but she even not giving me the surety that she will marry me in future….she said that she will say yes to anyone if her father and brother find someone…

Placing Hand On Quran For Not Smoking Again

I was caught smoking by my mother.  She forced me not to do it again. She made me place my hand on the Quran and say that I will not smoke again.  I did not swear. But after a little while I started smoking again. I couldn’t control myself.  Please someone explain the situation to me.  […]

My husband forced me to reveal my past to him

My husband and I met and fell in love. Right from the start he told me about his past: his girlfriends, how many women he had slept with as well as many other sins, and also that he was neither praying nor fasting at the moment (and he still is not). I accepted it and thought that we all do mistakes and that Allah (swt) is forgiving.