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Mom’s affair

She had extramarital affair with a young guy. What should be my approach towards this matter?

My mum is cheating on my dad

I really don’t know what to do and cannot take it anymore, I try to forget but I can’t, every time I see my mums face, I know what’s going on and it hurts so much.

How do we rebuild after his affair?

I decided to call him and tell him I overheard everything… the way he was so scared made me know it was really bad.

A four year relationship with a married man

I am friends with a muslim sister who has been in a relationship with a muslim man for 4 years. They have never married she said its cause he don’t want to upset set his family. After being with him for about 2 years in secret his family found him a wife and he got married. From that moment she changed. She is heartbroken.