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Swapping school for caretaking my sick wife

We would fight often. It was later diagnosed that she was under the influence. She could see things. She got possessed. Either it was that, or she was schizophrenic. I started taking extra, extra care of her.

I´ve been sick and my husband is getting coldhearted

I never thought I would ask for help but I am becoming increasingly depressed because of my marriage. I have been married for some years now and my husband has become very mean. I give him whatever he wants. Anytime we disagree I say sorry even when he is the one whom was wrong. He yells at me and tells me to shut up and he won´t talk to me if I ever disagree…

My wife feels that someone sits behind her.


My wife has been suffering from one year, she faints at anytime, we have taken her so many maulana, but she is not well. Everyone told me that someone have done black magic on her.

We can´t handle her when she behave like other…….