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How to ward off Shaytan when I am impure

Can someone advise me on how I can strengthen my emaan when I am in this impure state and not let the shaitaan get to me or get the better of me. I start doing things like over eating getting angry, losing my suber (patience) and so on, I really hate it but do not know how to control it.

I feel my husband is weak and does not tawakal al Allah

I tell him he too will be successful inshallah and should be thankful for Allah that he has a good wife who is taking care of him (I doubt many woman will accept this responsibility) and a healthy baby. He says alhamdulah and acknowledges that what am saying is right but I can feel it in his face and his attitude that his iman is weak. Astagfirallah its like he does not trust Allah or accept what happens.

My 21 year old brother is tearing apart my family

Salaam alaikum brothers and sisters, I’m a 19 year old muslim sister living in the US. For two or three years now, my older brother has been rebelling, increasingly so, and drifting from Islam and its teachings. I understand that we are surrounded by media and culture that promotes such things to happen, but I […]

Muslim girlfriend goes into a trance, is it the effect of an evil curse?

I am non muslim french guy but we have talked about me becoming muslim but thats not the problem as i would become muslim, but my girlfriend suffers from evil curses and goes into trance like states and she said its because people are doing things on her.