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What happens when we die?(6)

July 12, 2015

Does everybody go through the punishments of the grave?

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I’m Muslim and I’m going to marry a Hindu boy…

Will I be buried or cremated after my death?

What is my role regarding my ageing Christian relatives?

When they learned I married a “foreign Muslim” my husband and I became outcasts to my family.

To Allah we belong and to HIM we will return.

My father was dedicated to truth. Although he sometimes came across as cynical, I think the truth is that he cared deeply about people and the world. One of my earliest memories as a child was a dinner at our home in which several Arab men were discussing the Israeli-Palestinian situation. My father actually had a heart attack six years ago, just days after Salma was born, and we thought he might die at that time. So I am grateful that he survived to see his granddaughter and get to know her.

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