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What happens when we die?

What is this World?


quick question: does everybody go through the punishments of the grave? Also, what happens the moment the body is lowered into the ground and buried?


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  1. AOA,

    It Depends On Good Deeds Of A Person, The Moment Person Dies, Two Types Of Angels Come To Every Person:

    Either They Are Angels With Very Beautiful Face, Clean And Neat And A Beautiful Scent From Them Is Coming, Such Angels Are For Person Who Will Enter Jannah

    Secondly A Person Who Will Enter Jannah Will Be Happy In His Grave, He Won't Be Punished At All But A Person With Evil Deeds Will Be Punished In Grave.

    Thirdly, The Moment Person Is Buried, He Will Either Be Happy Or His Punishment Starts.

    ALLAH Knows Best

  2. Asalaam Walaikum.

    The grave will call out in either happiness at your arrival and welcome you ... Meaning its going to be a part of Jannah in your grave.

    On the other hand the Grave will be angry at your arrival and wouldnt want you ... meaning its going to a part of Jahannam.

    As always Allah knows best.


  3. Imagine yourself at the moment of your death.

  4. When commenting please keep in mind writer of this post is a 13 yr old girl who is worried about being punished for touching herself/masturbating.

  5. Yes unfortunately many will be punished in the grave

    It is very rare that people won't be punished (other than Prophets of course) because it is the means of erasing sins

    There are many different kinds of punishments we will face, you may want to look them up online

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