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I am not able to forgive myself for my behavior…

What I did and said is killing me so much for doing this to my mother, under whose feet is jannah and who Allah has commanded to be kind to.

My family are unkind about my husband

Its so upsetting for me to know that my family want to break my relationship with my husband. He has been very good to me Alhamdulillah.

Family arguments and emotional blackmail

6 years ago when my ex-husband first left this relative’s husband came onto me on 3 different occasions. After the 3rd incident where he touched my arm I mentioned this to the relative… she said I was jealous of her life and was after husband. I still remained close to her as I was a single parent and had no one else to help me. She would tell me other family members were saying I said this and that to them when i hadn’t, so we would fall out.