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My past is making me sick!

We have moved into a new house where I’m surrounded by people in this new area that knew (and I’m afraid will choose to not forget) about the things I did. I lose sleep. I look at my husband and feel guilty. I just want to cry all the time.

What kind of pills should I take to forget the past?

If we take any pills or other things like jaributian, which takes our memory safely, will that be a sin? Even if those are halal? And what if I take something which has side affects which can cause coma or loss of life unintentionally? I mean, if we don’t have the ‘neeyat’ of harming ourselves but accidentally we harm our self or lose our life, would it be considered suicide?

Is being unable to forgive my husband (at least for now) a sin?

I am praying to be able to forgive him. But today, I am busy recovering from a depression that has lasted more than 2 years because of a traumatizing marriage and divorce, and I don’t even want to talk to him.

My ex-husband refused to change, how to overcome this fact?

He become worse day by day. I was so hurt and ended up asking him to choose between changing for the sake of Allah or to divorce me- he then said he would rather divorce. Was I wrong? I am now better off am not being insulted anymore, not being used, not being treated unjustly, and I’m living happily with my baby, but I can’t stop thinking of his cruel words and actions in the past. I just can’t believe it, whenever I wake up I realize it’s reality and it hurts a lot.