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My husband forced me to reveal my past to him

My husband and I met and fell in love. Right from the start he told me about his past: his girlfriends, how many women he had slept with as well as many other sins, and also that he was neither praying nor fasting at the moment (and he still is not). I accepted it and thought that we all do mistakes and that Allah (swt) is forgiving.

My husband smokes weed and is beating me while I am pregnant

I have been married for 1 year and I am 3 months pregnant. My husband smokes weed everyday, he beats me, calls me names and emotionally abuses me. I know he used to sell weed and now he wants to sell it again but i told him no. I went through his phone today and […]

Getting over lost love

My name is Asma. I was born and raised in America and my family is from Pakistan. I attended a muslim school since childhood and have tried my best to stay a good muslim throughout my life. A few years ago one of my male relative told me that he was in love with me and wanted to marry me. I also liked him alot and wanted to marry him as well. We talked on the phone several times and met up a few times over a year ( we did not do anything haraam except for talking and holding hands..)

Her father won’t accept me because we dated

I’m 19 and don’t know what to do. Well you see my girl friend’s father found out we were dating (my girlfriend is 18) and after he hit her all over with a stick. He called me to his house and talked me, he told me what we were doing is haraam (which is 100 percent).