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My husband beats me up and cheats on me but I still love him

Salam, what it is that i have been married for six years now and i am confused in my marriage. well i had been with my husband before marriage for 7 years we really loved each other and got married. I got engaged first and then realised that he became really controling like dont go out, wear a hijab, did your male etc cousins come round, why do they come to your house etc. He also use to hit me but then he use to say, its because your away from me, thats why i feel like this.

I can’t sleep or eat, please someone save me and my family from this boy

Assalam-o- alikum, i am feeling soo depressed i really dont know how to start… i am a girl…i hav seen a lot of pain in this life.. i was only 11 when my mom left us coz they divorced. i am the eldest girl and i hav 4 siblings. next to me is my sister she is 5 years younger to me… my dad was the only parent to luk after us.. but alhamdullah we were financially good my dad arranged us maids to look after us… still i always used to miss my mom