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I had a black braid in my dream…should I give up?

Does this mean I should forget about marrying him?

Black and white in a dream

Does anyone know what does it mean when someone sees you in a dream wearing white, but the other people are wearing black? -amen

We chatted online and he fell in love with me

I met this boy in a chatroom 6 months ago. We started to appreciate each other. We can’t meet cause we aren’t in the same country. He’s Black and im Arab which doesn’t ease things. And now he likes me alot and want to marry me.

We have had a friendship for five years but she won’t marry me

I have a friendship with a muslim woman for 7 years. we understand each other alot and exchange gifts but the problem am having is i wanna marry her and spent rest of my life with her. I finally found ture happiness. The problem is she only loves me as a friend and we both from different culture am black she is pakistani. Most of pakistan womens only marrys their pakistan men.