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Marriage and other sexual matters, thoughts and problems in adolescence

I really want to control my desires, while having the questions I asked about marriage answered in the light of Islam.

How to control urges leading to masturbation?

I have started to masturbate at the age of 16 approx, and from then goes with the flow. Last year before Ramzan I stopped it and did not masturbate for about 6 to 7 months and believe me thats a lot to carry for a young blood. I am really not addicted to it but its just something which can not be controlled. Now a days i am really worried, even in Ramzan i am thinking bad but ALLHAMDULLILAH controled the desire.

I have had haraam relations with my boyfriend, how do I repent and make my parents agree to marry us?

I love a guy who is very good we are together for about 3 yrs mashallah and deeply in love. But we have done a sin, we did not engage in sexual intercourse but except that, hope you understood. Now we both want to repent things just happen and we actually cant figure it out. I really want to repent so do my bf and also that we dont want to do that again.