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Lying, drug-using husband wants me to move to Iraq

i have been married to my husband for 6 years and it has been an awful marriage. He was a failed asylum seeker from Iraq.

In Love with a Muslim Convict, should I go ahead and marry him?

There is a Muslim man who is from the Middle East and converted to Islam during prision in 2006, MashAllah he is so religious and into the Deen, a lot of women tried to ruin his life, his ex wife framed him and now he is going back to prison.

My boyfriend was on drugs and is now violent as I cheated on him

I have been in a relationship that is hitting 2 years and no, unfortunatley we are not married which is forbiden in islam which is one of the many reasons i am here. My other half is a muslim brother which i am thankful for however, i have gotten too close to him over the passed two years and i have infact lost my virginity with him which i am punishing myself over as it is a big sin in islam.