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Family disown me

My family told me to come back to my home country. They assured me safety and not to harm my husband. Little did I know what they planned…

I need to choose between my husband and my parents… Help!

I got married to him through his family… I informed this to my family. They were so shocked that they said they are never going to accept this marriage. in fact they want me to separate from him & get me married to some other guy of their choice.

Trapped between the risk of zina and usury

I think Riba “Usury” is a bigger sin but think I should get married then start paying off loan, what do you think is best?

I’ve found out my mom is having an affair – what should I do?

You have no idea how it felt the day I knew my mom is cheating on my dad… I don’t know what to do now

Troubled… who should I choose?

My parents said if I wanted to have any relationship with them I would have to divorce my wife. If I choose my parents I lose my wife – if I choose my wife I lose my parents.