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My hatred for my husband’s best friend. Please help!

Subhanallah. I do not even know if its possible to dislike someone so much!

I hate my dad, is this normal?

Ever since i was little he would often beat me for the littlest things and blame everything on me till now.

I want to break off my engagement

I thought with the passage of time, I will start loving him. I tried to love him and forced myself to love him but it did not happen.

Can I seek Khula before ruksati?

There are no apparent flaws in his character, but i fear my dislike for him will make me act unjustly with him and not be able to fulfill the responsibilities of a wife.

How can I overcome my thoughts and go near to Allah

I committed great sins in my past and always wanted to repent but why I do I feel that Allah won’t forgive me? When I stand for prayer I feel as I’m not pure, may be Allah does not like me. He won’t answer my prayers. I always consider myself bad, sometimes I think if I will do hajj, I will be pure and good again.