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I get bad thoughts when I offer prayer

Assalumulaikum !

Iam a 15 years girl. I don’t think so I am a bad girl . I am very good at my studies, I hardly miss any Nimaz (prayer)

Why are there nude images in my mind?

Since one week I have become really depressed because I see naked photos of people in my mind. especially when I offer prayer.

My ex is distracting me in my marriage and I want it to all stop

Hi, I need advice. I’m married so far 3 yrs umdullah. I love him and he loves me. We have a daughter Allah has blessed me umdulahh. But theres this one person that sort of distracting me and feeling guilty about. Before my husband, I had a boyfriend yes. I knew it was haraam but at the same time my dad really was never home. neways he was a muslim and me too.