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Evil whispers are frightening me

I hate hearing the whispers about islam, as I keep thinking that Allah might think its me thinking that. So I keep having to battle the satan (in my mind) and defend Allah (loudly). This truly hurts me and has changed me as a person.

I get bad thoughts when I offer prayer

Assalumulaikum !

Iam a 15 years girl. I don’t think so I am a bad girl . I am very good at my studies, I hardly miss any Nimaz (prayer)

How do I fight these evil, depressive thoughts which hinder my practising Islam to my best?

I also don’t beleive this as at the age of 7/8 familair feelings and thoughts used to come which used to sacre me I couldn’t sleep at night and I used to get regular dam done by a peer saab, which subhanaalah helped. I want someone to take me to a mufti but my father does not believe in all that. WHAT SHOULD I DO? This time I do not want to keep it in me as may be this is the will of allah (swt).

What is difference between wet dream and masturbations?

I heard about masturbation which is a major sin but I don’t touch my private parts or insert anything in them. I am confused because I don’t want to commit any sin; either small or big. I don’t know how to get out of this problem? So, can you explain me what is the difference between masturbation and wet dream?