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Depressed and anxious during my pregnancy

I’m pregnant, and during the last month I have been going through very bad depression and anxiety. I’m about to give birth to my baby soon in shaa Allah, but I’m feeling scared.

Please help; I want to like Allah but I can’t because I am unhappy.

No one in this world like’s me not even the creator. So what can I do ? I won’t lie to Allah that I like Him because I don’t like Him much more and that is me being sincere.

Help me, I no longer have faith in Allah, I hate everything

All my sisters and both my parents pray, except for me! I have waited all my life for things to change even when I pray nothing ever changes it is all the same and I am done. I hate life. I just need you to tell me how to get myself to believe in Allah once again,

Sexually transmitted disease has shattered my faith in Allah

I am a revert to Islam. I have been married ten years to someone who was born and raised Muslim. After the second year of our marriage I discovered I had an STD (Hsv, type2). I am angry with Allah for letting this happen to me.