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Can I have elective or cosmetic surgery done on my private parts?

Is this kind of surgery permitted in Islam?

husband doesn’t care about my feelings

My self esteem is hurt too much. All he has given me is the feeling that I’m worthless, and he has shattered my self confidence. He has also said to his mother that he wants to marry again, but his mother admonished him by telling him to try to live happily with me and not to do another marriage. Now I’m thinking that my future is not safe, and he can marry. This thought is continuously irritating me.

Newly married, but struggling

I believe my husband loves me, but he is not as in love with me as he would like to be. He told me this. This has left him frustrated and scared. He thinks we don’t match. He wants it to work, but can’t seem to understand that requires true work on both sides, not just half hearted attempts. I love him and am still very drawn to him.