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Can I have elective or cosmetic surgery done on my private parts?

halal or haram?


Hi and Salam,

I am an unmarried woman who hates the way my private parts look.

Can I do a labiaplasty? Is it halal?




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  1. Assalamualaikum My Dear Sister Sadika,

    First and foremost, may I ask why you feel that your female sexual anatomy isn't up to par? Are you comparing yourself to others or just feel insecure about what Allah Azzawajal has given you? Perhaps you have the most rarest and beautiful gem that someone else doesn't have?

    I would like to say that with all the insecurities that we have as females, we should count our blessings first. To answer your question, from an Islamic perspective (someone can correct me, if I am wrong) -- you are allowed to have surgery to correct any defects. But we as Muslims are not allowed to transform ourselves to look like someone else or modify oneself just for the sake of it.

    For example: If you wanted to get a breast reduction done because you have a medical issue such as severe back pain or bone density/structural issues, then it would be permissible to get surgery done. Or (may Allah protect us) if you got into some sort of accident and a part of your body needed a cosmetic/surgical procedure, then it would be permissible to do so (Allah Azzawajal knows best).

    I would like you to reconsider doing any modifications to your body and accept what Allah Azzawajal has blessed you with. But ultimately, the choice is yours!

    I am sending you positive vibes, dua'as and prayers. Please love yourself because Allah Azzawajal made you unique and beautiful.

    Warmest regards, sweetie!

  2. If it worries you that much start working out. You can increase and make the shape of many things of your body different by lifting weights, and changing your diet,etc.

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