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I really want this job, but things have been delayed since I prayed Istikhara(1)

April 28, 2023

My mother and I both did Istikhara for my job prospect. What does this mean?

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Bound at home with my abusive mother

She has verbally, mentally and physically abused me all my life. I can’t get any help since the country I live in won’t help me in these situations like you guys in the West get.

Am I too young to marry her? Are we doing anything Haram?

We both have pure intentions and do see a future together InshaAllah. The only concern I have is that my parents may not take me very seriously if I talk about marriage with them right now.

I shared my body measurements with a guy online

I explained how this is wrong and I will no longer keep the chat open, and that they should forget me, my measurements, what happened…

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