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I am impatient to marry, my fiance not so much!



We've been in a relationship for six years, and engaged for one. My fiance is going abroad for three years in four months time!

Please answer me as to whether we should get married or not. He wants to wait the three years to be married so he can be more settled, but I prefer to get married now and then wait the three years.

What is your opinion?


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  1. If you're engaged then you're technically married. And Islam there is no such thing as fiance why are we applying western standards. Plus he's going abroad so why rush him with the wedding? Just go with him and get married in a year abroad or something.

  2. Sister. 3 years is just too much. 3 years abroad where he will have freedom.. If he doesn’t marry you now. Cancel this.

  3. Don’t wait for him. Leave. Three years is not a guarantee that he will still want you. I have heard stories like this of many breakups. You guys been in a relationship for 6 years and he still doesn’t have the desire to marry you right away. Come on...when you are in love with someone, you want to get married soon to keep the relationship halal. Can you go abroad with him after you get married? Has he suggested that. The above comment is correct. He will have too much freedom and find other interest. Sorry.

  4. Dear Kaint I totally agree with Alema and Tami, Allah knows best, you have been with him for 6years you would know him by now, he has other plans- his career and his future weather you are in it depends on if he marries you and takes you with him or arranges for your documents,

    May Allah make it easy for you.

    Kind regards

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