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My wife won’t stay with my parents

I work abroad and my wife refuses to stay with my parents back home.

Trust issue in marriage

He has cheated on me. I still feel hurt.

Missing my husband

Our entire marriage is based on whatsapp.

Wife like me but doesn’t love me…

She know me very well from child but she doesn’t love me… she like me as a cousin not husband.

Can we process my husband’s US visa by staying in Pakistan?

I am American citizen and my husband works in Dubai. It looks problem for me to go to US alone and apply for my husband.

Confused about my relationships with my husband and a younger man

I feel in love with him. I’m addicted to him. We did sex chat. I feel like I cheated on my hubby but on the other hand my hubby never talked to me romantically and he never tried to fulfil my physical needs.

Intimacy in a long-distance marriage?

Please note that I am aware that masturbation is haraam, but this is my wife whom I am looking at. What should I do?

Do I divorce him or not?

I don’t have choice than to work abroad. Being away from him, I feel like I’m free. I wanted to divorce him but at the same time I don’t want to hurt him and my kids.

Long Distance Marriage? Confused and Lost

Please can somone tell me how we can make it work. We want to get married as soon as we can he is already 22 and we dont want haram to happen between us.

Husband does not want contact with me or our daughter

Do I have a chance that he will ever change? Or should I proceed with separation or divorce?