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I am in a fix about my sinful situation

This news and humiliation is spreading more and more and I am wondering what will become of my life…

Should I tell my husband about my Ex?

I made the mistake of falling in love with one of my cousins who told me that he cared a lot about me and wanted to marry me. After time passed by, the guy asked my parents for my rishta; however, my parents hated this cousin and they believed that he was not a good guy for me to marry…. the decision was up to me; I put a stone over my heart and feelings and for the sake of my parents’ happiness, I agreed not to marry him. My main concern and dilemma now is what I should tell my future husband about my cousin. I honestly have tried to be a good muslim daughter and respect my parents wishes, but still my life is full with obstacles due to my “ex” even though it occurred long ago. I am so scared and every night I cry myself to sleep worrying and wondering what will happen when I get married and when my cousin tries to cause problems for me.