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Dreaming about glass bangles again and again

It’s not like I think about bangles but I am repeatedly seeing bangles in my dreams.


Will Dua’a help me find my necklace?

Will continuing my dua’a help or is it no use since it seems my mother has accidentally thrown it away?

I lost valuable items

I lost my valuable items during my cousin’s wedding. I had kept it in my bag and forgot to wear them, and left the bag in the bride’s room. After almost an hour when I saw my bag, my jewelry was not there. I lodged a complaint, but the cops are at ease. It’s been three months gone and there’s no response.

I lost my jewelry and money. How will I get it back?

As a lower middle class girl the jewelry and money was very valuable for me, and because of this incident I lost my respect and trust in front of my in-laws. I lost my confidence and happiness, and most of the time I feel anger and depression which is destroying my personal life.

i lost my gold

please help me i need to get my gold back. my mom got it with much difficulty for me and i have lost it. will i get it back? where is it? plss help me i need to find it.