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i lost my gold

A traditional Arab gold bridal necklace

A traditional Arab gold bridal necklace

please help me i need to get my gold back. my mom got it with much difficulty for me and i have lost it.

will i get it back?

where is it?

plss help me i need to find it.

- kritika

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  1. Are you the same sister who submitted a second post titled, "Dua for lost ring", which says:

    "Salaam, I have recently lost my mother's ring in the house somewhere which was quite dear to her and was wondering if you could give me some dua's to recite so that inshallah I find it soon plz. Thanks."

    For the sake of this answer, I'll assume that the other post is yours as well.

    According to Ustadha Hedaya Hartford, SunniPath Academy teacher, the dua' for lost objects is:

    Allahuma ya jami'a an-nas liyaumin la raiba fih ijma baini wa baina dhaliti.

    اللهم يا جامع الناس ليوم لا ريب فيه اجمع بيني وبين ضالتي

    He provides no translation, but I would translate it roughly as:

    "O Allah, Who will bring all humankind together on a Day of which there is no doubt; bring me together with my lost object."

    Allah Most High knows best.

    The other thing I would suggest is that, if you are sure it is in the house, carry out an organized and methodical search room by room.

    Have you considered the possibility that it has been stolen?

    Lastly, I encourage you not to attach too much significance to a material object. I realize that it has some personal value for you, but in the end it's just a piece of metal. It will not accompany you to the next life. What matters more are things like the quality of your worship of Allah, the state of your spirit, your relationship with your family, your health, and the good experiences you have had in life.

    Wael Editor

    • I lost my gold ear ring two days back and searched it a lot. Read inna lillahi also...morning i went through with ur reply and read the prayer and made a note of it...surprisingly got a call that my ear ring is found. Thank u not just for d duwa but also in increasing my faith in Allah.

      • Salaam. When you lose an object, say innalillahi wa ina elaihi rajaioon. Then do sadaqa too. Foolproof way of finding what you lost. I have used it so many times and it always works. But I do say to Allah to give it back to me if it is good for me. Good Luck/. In sha Allah, you will find what you lost.

        • Assalamalaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
          This happened with me also. i lost my diamond ring during a wedding ceremony, you can understand how clueless i was. alhamdhulillah one of our friend suggested me to recite this priceless dua and sarch for it again. subhaan allah subhaan allah to my surprise i got my ring and i was thankful to my allahu subhaan wataalla..

      • Hi
        3/4 days ago I saw a dream that my jewelry get lost
        I didn’t take it seriously. After 3/4 days latter I checked my jewelry box I saw it’s missing
        I suspect to my husband because no one visit our house and I don’t wear it so I’m sure my husband stole it.we fight a lot.after 10/11 days latter I saw same dream I lost my jewelry and next day I saw one jewelry is missing
        Then I shared with my friend she said all the symptoms look like jinn doing this than I talked with a alem he told someone send this jinn to making conflict between me and my husband.
        Now we are fine but I didn’t get it.
        Is there have any dua so that I can get my lost jewelry
        Plz help I’m getting very depressed

        • Asalaamualaykum Sister Tarmin,

          Yes there is a perfect dua for your situation. Please recite:

          Allahumma rabb al-daula, haadi al daula. Anta tahadi min al-daula, Urdut auleya dauletti fa innaha min aatau'ika wa fadlak

          It means:

          Oh Allah, Lord of what is lost, Guard of what is lost. You guide from the lost. Return to me what I lost because it is what you gave me and placed me with.

          Inshallah you will find what you are looking for in no time. 🙂



    • I have lost my gold ring ealy morning when iam leaving for hospital, i remember i kept it in my labcoat pocket also i took my watch but when i reached to the hospital the watch is present but the ring is missing i don,t know where it is now, i searched everywhere but i found nothing... It is not in my pocket nor in my house,, what should i do plz help me

    • Brother Wael.
      Assalam Alaikum. I have written a post and I am not sure if it is ready to be reviewed by you. I have reread it almost everyday so the date on it keeps changing so it looks new but is around since October 5th I believe. If it takes a certain amount of time to be answered, does that mean that as long as I keep opening it, it keeps gettting overlooked because it looks newer? I hope my question makes sense to you. I am not sure how to explain it. Thank you Wassalam/

    • Assalamu alaikum
      My mother has lost her earrings , ring and cafs of gold .
      We suspect it's the maid who worked in hour house for a month and then left the job.
      Please tell me what should I do to get it back, we mean no harm to the maid, but hope she realises her evil act and over come it.
      Please pray .

      • Madiha, wa alaykum as-salam. There's nothing you can do except to make dua'. If you have any evidence against the maid you could contact the police. In the future you might consider storing your gold more securely, maybe in a house safe.

        Wael Editor

  2. There is that dua that bro wael has said. Recite that constantly. Inshallah u will find it if it is in ur home. Also do u thnk someone might of taken it?! Family member, frnds, etc. Try to remember when was the last time u seen it. Idk the size of this object but do a complete head to toe search of the house, room by room. Do it patiently and calmly, for it is easy overlooking it sometimes. Inshallah u will fnd it.

    • Salam
      I lost my grandmother ring pls pls tell me I have read a lot but no avail it might have fallen off my finger if my mom knows it will be difficult what should I do I have looked everywhere in house it's not there

  3. Read 'Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajun" 100 times with the confidence that Allah will inshallah bring the lost thing back to you.

    I did this many times and by the grace of Allah, I found my lost things back. The key here is doing this a'mal with pure confidence in Allah. Do it and you will get it back inshallah.

    • Hi Asalaam-o-alaiykum,
      I have recently lost my engagement diamond ring and I am really worried as I have lost it somehwere in the house and if you can give me some dua to read to find it as soon as possible.

      I have tried the above dua 100 times, "Inna lillahi wa inna illayhi rajee oun"
      But still haven't found it 🙁

      Please help!


      Allah Hafiz

      • Unknown, read the answer that I gave on the original question above.

        Wael Editor

      • Believe in the verses and Keep your faith intact by realizing that it's just a material thing, Allah swt clearly wants you to focus on more important things in life, be grateful for all blessings you have, your health, your best moments, your family, friends, all good things that we have, all by the grace of Allah. Also such experiences are meant for us to learn how to be patient & tolerant of little losses or bitterness during this temporary life. Allah swt has kept so much in reserve for us, once we learn to be grateful for every bit of bounty.

  4. Salaams,

    What do you mean you lost your gold? How and when? Did someone actually take it?

    Did you not keep it in a secret and safe place?

    I don't know how any advice could help you retrieve it. Other than retracing your steps.

    All the best with that.


  5. Salaam.

    Thank you for your guidance, especially:

    Lastly, I encourage you not to attach too much significance to a material object. I realize that it has some personal value for you, but in the end it's just a piece of metal. It will not accompany you to the next life. What matters more are things like the quality of your worship of Allah, the state of your spirit, your relationship with your family, your health, and the good experiences you have had in life.

    I have misplaced some gold and my family are extremely distressed, more than I am. Inshallah I will find it to put their minds at ease, and rehabilitate the significance they have attached to it.

  6. I have lost some money and i need to get hold of it asap please
    give me some ayats to read so i can find it and want to know who took it

    i have tried the following inna liya wa inna alay rajoon
    and durood sharif and surah tariq

  7. I have recently a lost gold's set of my engagement and literaly I am very very tense , 🙁 I am a Hafiz e Quran myself. I have tried many verses but I am just becoming a psycho now.

    Guide me


    • Pearl,

      Say Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ). It is part of the Quran, Surah Al-Baqara, Verse 156. The full verse is as follows:الذين اذا اصابتهم مصيبة قالوا انا لله وانا اليه راجعون "Who, when a misfortune overtakes them, say: 'Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return'."

      If your gold is meant to come back to you, it will by the grace of Allah - it is a material thing and nothing more. If you do not find it, well - you know the Quran by heart maasha'Allah. Surely this is more valuable than all the gold on this earth and more. Treasure your memory of the Quran, it will help you in this life and the next insha'Allah.

      SisterZ Editor

    • Asalaam alaikum,

      Great advice SisterZ! When I'm being questioned in the grave, gold will do nothing for me, but knowing Qur'an may help me both in this life and the hereafter in ways I can never imagine.

      Sister Pearl, your memory of the Qur'an is something I would love to have and I would trade all the gold in the world for such a memory of it. Don't take for granted the true treasure you possess!

    • you only loose gold when you dont pay zakat on it , if you pay zakat then if lost you when insh Allah get it back

    • I just lost my Gold chain which was given by my grandma.. she is now no more.. I always thinking about that... I dont know where I lost bcoz I kept in safe place but it's not there now.. I can't get doubt on my family members but dont know what to do now . But after I read this (Lastly, I encourage you not to attach too much significance to a material object. I realize that it has some personal value for you, but in the end it’s just a piece of metal. It will not accompany you to the next life. What matters more are things like the quality of your worship of Allah, the state of your spirit, your relationship with your family, your health, and the good experiences you have had in life).

      My mind is changing that we can earn money and gold but not love and you too just read this and put everything on Allah and just move on.. Allah thinks that it is not good to you so he has taken that. Simple.. everything will get distroy one day but don't waste time by thinking about ur lost . Just think how to earn again.. smile):-

      • sameeshajju this is a good comment, thanks. You're right, what matters is the love you have for your grandma and your memories of the time you spent with her.

        Wael Editor

  8. Insallah you will find it I know the feeling is not good at Allah, as long as you love Allah and have your family that is all that matters.

  9. i lost my diamond gold studs which my auntie gave to me who is very ill and i've read a dua but still havent found them and i read namaaz and pray that'll find them but still havent found them:/. Does anyone have a easy dua in arabic for me? as i'd want to find them and i'm scared to tell my mum :/

  10. Assalam i was recently doing Gardening And lost My ring in My mother inlaws House My sister inlaw has Also Put evolusi eye On me And she Lives With My mother inlaw And was Theres when i lost it do u think Tjia has anything to do With it Also i do pay zakat i hoping inshallah i find it it was very precious to me

    • Jamillah, your sister in law had nothing to do with your ring. Look in the places where you might have lost it, and you might find it Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

  11. My gold diamond earring fell into the drain in the shower was a wedding gift from my sister. The weird part is I don't even believe I will find it because I have not been paying very guilty.i don't earn and my husband says he is in debt.he can not afford to pay zakat on my gold.i do have the intention to pay all my zakat when I have the money but right now I feel quite helpless. Still I will try reciting the dua you suggested..jazak Allah for your help.

  12. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeeun is indeed a very powerfull dua but make sure u pray beleiving that you will find it...
    I found mine as soon as i finished completing my dua..

  13. Asalamalikum,
    a month ago, there was a robbery in our house. 5 gunned men entered our house and took away all the cash and jewellery available at house. That jewellery included the stuff that i wore on my wedding, valima, engagement... I am very stressed. The case is in process and under investigation by the police. Please tell me which dua to recite or any wazifa, so that I get my gold jewellery back..

  14. My wife is lost Gold Bangals 4nos and lot of gold items pls help me to find

  15. how to recite the given dua(Allahuma ya jami'a an-nas liyaumin la raiba fih ijma baini wa baina dhaliti). ? I mean just once or after every prayer or a tasbeeh of it ? please guide. thankyou

  16. Dear Brother,

    Please help me i need to get my gold chain back. My mom got it with much difficulty for me and I have misplaced it. I really don't know or recollect where it is now. But, I am very sure, I have not lost it, but somewhere at home, which I am not able find it now.

    Due to this, there is lot of problems at home with mother and sisters and they have lost hope and trust in me.

    I am really feeling , that i should end my life, not because of this gold chain, but the faith and trust which I have lost it from my family members

    Please pray for me, that I should any how get it back

    Thanks & Regards

  17. Well at the moment Iv lost something aswell and I'm just reading a few dua of te Internet inshallah u will get it back soon ...ill do dua for u

  18. Please I seem to always lose gold earrings, right from when I was a little girl. I always lose one earring of the set. Sometimes It gets caught on something ormy cloth and falls, then I search endlessly around the same spot but no luck. Even in my room, I'll lose an earring and just never find it. Pls is there a prayer I can say so I can stop losing valuable jewelry? Please advice

    • Salaams,

      Any kind of earrings are easy to lose. The smaller they are, the easier to misplace. My suggestion is to not wear your pure gold earings except on special occassions that only last for a few hours at the most. Don't wear them every day, and the chances of you losing them will decrease significantly.

      -Amy Editor

  19. my 25 soverign of gold is missing from sunday. please suggest wazifa / dua for finding back to me

  20. hi.... iv found a gold chain in my some ppl came to see my sister for marriage purpose.....and any random women among them drop her gold chain in our drawing room....which i found aftr a couple of those pple were not good and their comments and behavior towards my sister was not good i dont wish to give them their lost thing back...... they still dont know about this as they didnt contacted us for this....what should i do? as i m very angry but my conscious is also disturbing me??? guide me....

    • Assalaamualaikam

      Whether you like them or not is irrelevant. It's their property. Contact them and give it back.

      Midnightmoon editor

      • In support of what is said above, Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala says:

        "O you who believe! Be upright to Allah, witnessing with justice; and let not the hatred of a certain people prevent you from acting justly. Adhere to justice, for that is nearer to piety; and fear Allah. Allah is informed of what you do."
        (Quran 8: 8)

  21. Slms , my mothers jewellery has gone missing , there were plumbers in the house and so was our domestic worker , we don't who could have taken it . Please help . What can we read . It couldn't have happened right under our noses .

  22. Assalamu alikum va rahmatullahi vabrakath. Hi brother, i am a shop owner , and after closing my shop i keeps ol the account money with me. My room is occupied with 2 people its jus me n my shop wroker, jus yesterday last i counted the money as it is n kept in my money bag, morning when i got up the money is missing, 100 dinar is missing, b4 ol so i hD sme wot the same situations olso, but tat was jus lil amount!! I dunno wat to du?? Insha allah culd u tell me any duas tat vil help me?? Plz brother...

    • Assalaamualaikam

      Please read the answers already given and the website section discussing duas. If you are concerned that a crime may have been committed, you could start by asking your shop worker if they know anything about it or saw anything suspicious, and you could consider reporting the matter to the police.

      Midnightmoon editor

  23. I know this may sound trivial, but I was wondering if the same duaa applies to my pets who have gone missing. It may seem silly to other people but they were truly was very sweet to me and my companions for a very long time. I am extremely distressed.

    I take very good care of my cats, as well as those we hire to help around the house and I know "inna ba'id ithanni ithm" but we have had these cats for years with no such incidence and within a few months of hiring new helpers 2 cats have disappeared in a matter of 4 months!

    I am trying very hard not to be suspicious and to fight those thoughts, I just don't see what other reason there may be. My cats are trained never to leave the house, I make sure all gates and windows are closed , neither were the cats in heat to feel the need to leave the house. Nothing has happened like this before.

    Again please advise me if these duaas are applicable for animals as well as inanimate objects, and if it is at all possible any duaa to remove the feelings of hatred or suspicion from my heart.

    Jazakum Allah alf khair for your good deeds

    • Nada, I don't think it's trivial. There's nothing wrong with making dua' for the well-being and return of your pets. I can't imagine that your helpers would have taken your cats. It's more likely that they accidentally left a door open and the cats got out. Leave flyers around your neighborhood and keep up hope.

      Wael Editor

      • Plz tell me a dua, m doing alot of dua and wazaif for my lost cat, m really depressed and waiting for it....plz tell me a dua, it's been 8 days and my cat hasnt returned...flyers is not consider reasonable in our area, i have searched everywhere for it...plz suggest a dua to bring my cat back, really miss it...

  24. Assalamualikum wahrahmathuhi wakabkatahu my husband taken my gold didn't returned to me is there any dua is there to bring my gold plz plz plz plz help me

  25. Asalamwalaikum! I just resently lost my gold chain which was very new gifted by my mamma i just hope inshallah i would find it very soon... Ameen

  26. I have lost my favourite chappal that i take with me in dubai but when i asked the hotel staff they said that it was not im room that i have left and it is not in pakistan i am very worried please help me

    • I don't see how we can help you. Chappal are sandals, right? Perhaps one of the hotel maids or other staff took them, or maybe they were thrown away.

      Wael Editor

  27. Assalamoilekum,
    I lost my pet cat it was a stray cat but he came to my house and i adopted he was very loving and caring
    i have more 6 cats but they are very reserved they have born in my house n they dont play with me they play amongst themselve but the one i lost was very adorable i used to call him by name ans he used to listen n come running to me and never left the house he wants always me next to him when he sleeps but my neighbour son had took him somewhere and left him because some day ago i shouted at him becoz someone gave him money to leave of the stray cat he takes the money leaves the cat he took revenge with me after two days i lost my cat i dont know where he left him.I am broked coz my husband left me but these cats makes me happy i forgot my sorrows.Please help me with some dua to get my lost pet cat back i love him a lot and he loves me a lot.And i need everybodys dua for my cat to come back and wherever he is should be fine and get proper food.

    • M going through the same pain and problem, do tell me if u find any dua, my cat was a persian cat, and m afraid someone has stolen it, m missing him terribly

  28. I lost a wedding gold set . And been searching every where . Is it particular that u say inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon - a hundred times ? Wil saying more than 100 loose its effect ! Because I have heard that saying subhanallah-33, Alhamdulillah -33 and allahuakbar -34 times is more rewarding than when it is said more in numbers .

  29. Asalamualikum my is same problem in my home someone stolen my neckles pls hlep me to find or come back to me.what is it islamic tareekha to find it.

  30. Have lost a previously gold bracelet at home

  31. Salaam i have lost a ring somewhere and it is too dear for me
    Please give some 2 or 3 duas so that i can find it

  32. I lost my gold ring plz help me I can find out

  33. I bought a second hand washing machine after 6 months it stopped working I opened up the pump and found a gold bracelet I don't have address of person i bought machine from no idea whereto get it from what should I do the person never contacted me

    • Sabha, place an advertisement in a public place for one year. If no one claims it after that time, it is yours. Do not describe it precisely in the advertisement. The one who claims it must describe it to prove it is theirs.

      Wael Editor

  34. See the answers already given.

    Wael Editor

    • Hello Mr. Wael ( Editor)

      I am sorry this has nothing to do with this thread but I came to this site to seek help and guidance. I have posted a question and it is still pending! Other forums, the question just gets added as soon as you enter it. If you will need to check my question for anything bad, I understand but to take almost a week to do it is not ok.. Please let me know when my question will be submitted.

      Thank you.

  35. Assalamualaikum , my grand mother has lost her gold jewellery , what should i recite to get them back ????? Plz give me reply as soon as possible ....allah hafiz

  36. Assalam Walaikum,

    I have lost my gold bangles worth 1lakh and it was a gift from my parents. I have tried finding in my home, but not able to get them. My mother thinks it must be my husband who may have taken them. I am in dilemma as I cannot untrust my husband nor i can hurt my parents sentiments, i am too worried. Please help me with any wazifa that can help find my lost bangles.

    Allah Hafiz,

  37. Please help me I lost all my jewelries and I found out that been stolen.Because it is lock in my suitcase .And were only 5 person in the house.Please help me to bring it back again .In the name of Allah.

  38. Salaam. When you lose an object, say innalillahi wa ina elaihi rajaioon. Then do sadaqa too. Foolproof way of finding what you lost. I have used it so many times and it always works. But I do say to Allah to give it back to me if it is good for me. Good Luck/. In sha Allah, you will find what you lost.

    • Asslam o Aliykum bro i lost my gold earing just last sunday n i know who stool that but she still denay my husbnd give me as a wedding gift this month am too much upset i wana back that from her but how ???please please help me in this regard i shell be very thankful to u

  39. my father gave some gold for my marriage. My husband father took from me and sold some. Rest of the gold is kept for loan. Its been four years. Now I want it. When I ask him he show
    Angry to me. Pls tell a dua

  40. I have lost my gold necklace, plz make dua for me to find it.

  41. I might have dropped my gold chain at meeqat a few days ago, in women bathroom near to womens prayer area or in the women prayer area at dhul halifah, if anyone there or going for umrah or hajj soon, please have a look and ask around please

  42. Assalamualaikum I lost my ear ring please make dua

    • May Allah help you find your lost item and grant you contentment in your heart with the outcome, whatever it may be.

      Wael Editor

  43. My aunt lost her jewellery like all and every piece of her jewellery and now couldn't find it. She placed her jewellery to her brother who lost hee memory fighting urea sugar issues and now after his death she went to find her jewellery but couldn't find any thing.
    We have doubt that maybe in the condition of memory loss he may have given her jewellery to someone. We have done everything almost to find but all in vain.The jewellery is in heavy amount. Kindly please guide us

  44. Assalamu alaikum..
    This is the second time I lost my jewellery..
    I couldn't guess where I lost.. which is the dua we should read to
    Know about the lost thing..

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