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My son was stolen by my ex-wife

Salam wa alakum, I want to start by saying that i am not super strong Muslim but i believe in Allah and the last Prophet. I can write a lot but im going to try to be short in my writing. I have been happy married for many years, and of course we had our […]

Should I stay with him?

My husband is egotistic and not very Islamic. When I talk about Islam he gets annoyed.

I am losing faith in dua.

I have always been a faithful muslim. I would never be disobedient to my Allah and never, ever I have talked to any boy. I have always prayed for a good husband throughout my life, but my dua has gone unanswered. I have read your article about the power of dua, but I am losing faith in dua because I have tried every wazifa and made dua every moment of life- even in the hajj, on the day of arafat.

Everyone hates me, and I’ve lost faith in Allah

I will always suffer in this life, so why bother reaching out to Allah? Why bother even trying to be a moral person? Staying and helping my parents has gotten me nowhere.

Help me, I no longer have faith in Allah, I hate everything

All my sisters and both my parents pray, except for me! I have waited all my life for things to change even when I pray nothing ever changes it is all the same and I am done. I hate life. I just need you to tell me how to get myself to believe in Allah once again,