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Growing out of love

Too much trust has been broken.

How do I deal with my trust issues?

I have stopped trusting many people. I feel many people do these sort of things and never even repent.

My mother caught me sending dirty photos to a guy

I got caught by my mother sending dirty texts and photos to a guy that I had been talking to for over a year. I do not know how to convince my mother that this time i truly am stopping all the bad things I have ever done like this.

I have been taken advantage off over and over again; now I have lost trust. Are their any honest men left out there?

Honestly, I do not know who to turn to since I am lost of words. I want to be happy again to overcome the hurt and pain I have been thru in my life. I wanted to know why these men did this to me ? Honestly, I am very attactive woman and look years younger than I really am. I have so much kindness , love , and trust in me. Could this be why?

Can’t trust my husband after I found emails to other women

I found out and confronted my husband about what appears to be an emotional involvement via email, with a woman he met on a flight. The back and forth seemed like a prelude to something more physical but I could make out, that despite his entreaties, the woman had not taken the ‘affair’ to the next level…