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If it is all due to luck then why the man is struggling?

If a person sit at home and do nothing it was his luck to sit at home and do nothing and on the other hand if a man goes our and struggles for earnings it was his luck to do so. First man is on the wrong path due to his luck as it was not written in his luck to struggle for earning and the second man is on the right path due to his luck.

Names and Luck

Can her name and my name have any influence on how good she would be to me?

Everything’s gone wrong for him since we met, am I taking away his luck?

I’m a Muslim women who has fallen in love with a great Muslim guy. He is great and loves me more than anything in the world. Both our parents know about us and we are inshallah getting married. But I think I’m bad luck for him. Since I’ve come in his life things have gone really badly for him.