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Husband not getting intimate.

We haven’t consummated and now I’m also scared of developing something between us. I’m confused and I can’t imagine living with this guy for the rest of my life…

My brother’s marriage was never consummated and is now falling apart

I hope you all are doing well iA. I am writing this question because I would very much appreciate if someone can help my family during a very difficult situation for us. I will provide you all with a summary of all that has happened up to this point. I am the sister of the groom. I apologize that the summary is long but I feel like I have to tell the entire story in order to get the best possible advice.

Emotionally forced into marriage at age 16 in Pakistan

i want to leave my husband i have not meet him in 3 years, and i am happy i havent meet him, he lives in pakistan i live in england. he is from a poor background and he is also my uncle and cusine so leaving him is going to be a big problem within the family. he hardly knows any english, has a low level of education, no job and i am not attracted to him.