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My parents will not consent to us marrying because they say she is poor

I am a sunni muslim who is deeply in love with a chaste and pious muslim woman. I am established person. My parents aren’t agreeing to marry me with her as they say that those people are poor and they didn’t respect us by giving best foods when we went to there home. Also that they won’t be able to give Jahez and they won’t be able to support to financially.

I have chosen this sister for her piety and beauty but my parents do not like her family’s status.

I have been introduced to a sister through a married friend. The sister’s family invited my family to come and see her. When I first saw her, she was beautiful mashAllah. I asked her a few questions about Islam and alhumdulillah I was really happy with the answers she gave me. She is a practicing sister, wearing hijaab, reciting Qur’an and going to Islamic courses and lectures. I have done istkaara and I have a good feeling about her that she will be a good wife for me, a good mother of my children and someone that will help me get to Jannah inshAllah. The problem is my parents do not like her family because of status.