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Three weird dreams, what do they mean?

I dream my family members are talking and I’m seeing them but I can’t talk to them. then eventually my sister woke me from dream. It felt so real.

I don’t know what the dream means

I’m really not getting this dream- a very strange dream. I don’t like either of the people who died in my dream, and they were really more excited than me. So I want to know about this dream.

What is the meaning of my dream?

Asalamualaikum, Just want to share this, day before yesterday I had such a wonderful dream don’t know weather telling dream it good or not but I really want to know the meaning o dreamed about. I would share with my husband or my father but before would like to share it here because want to […]

Dream interpretation following namaaz Istikhara

I recently got a marriage proposal from a boy and I did the namaz Istikhara.I dreamed of five white dogs trying to attack me and I was saving myself from them by beating them with my long umbrella.

What does this recurring dreams mean?

I have a question about my visit to Makkah for Umrah,it has been two years that whenever I visit Makkah and while doing Tawaaf I saw some one, he is a human being but his eyes are very different….

Strange dream following Istikhara for starting a business

My mother saw a full pack of sweet rusk in her dream when she did a Isthakara for me.