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Three weird dreams, what do they mean?

dreamsAssalamu Alaikum Brothers and sisters,

I'm seeing weird dreams...since 2 years.

1)First,I was sleeping among others when they were discussing something.

So that time I dream my family members are talking and I'm seeing them but I can't talk to them. then eventually my sister woke me from dream. It felt so real.

2) 2nd time, I was dreaming going to my sister's house to meet her. However I got locked up in a house. Somehow I get out of the house in the end.

3)Third time, I was dreaming that I go with 2 persons to restaurant to eat something (when I was dreaming these 2 person was familiar but after woke up I realise I never seen or familiar with them). So we go to some other restaurant. but there was a girl who doesn't give me a good vibe. After sometime I realise she was trying to eat (of course, flesh) a person who was with me. Somehow I was trying to stop it.Then I read surah fatiha and threatened her I would read ayatul kursi if she doesn't stop...she stopped and I woke up from dream. Well It's also felt real to me.

I hope someone answer my questions and sorry for my bad English skills.

Allah hafez

- Tamanna

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  1. Salaam,

    I think these are just random dreams that have to do with things you may be thinking about throughout the day. Allah knows best, however, read ayat al kursi before sleeping because this will protect you from all harm In Sha Allah. Also, make dua to Allah alone, and ask him for dreams that are good and to keep you away from dreams from the work of satan.

    hope this helps.

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