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Three weird dreams, what do they mean?

dreamsAssalamu Alaikum Brothers and sisters,

I'm seeing weird dreams...since 2 years.

1)First,I was sleeping among others when they were discussing something.

So that time I dream my family members are talking and I'm seeing them but I can't talk to them. then eventually my sister woke me from dream. It felt so real.

2) 2nd time, I was dreaming going to my sister's house to meet her. However I got locked up in a house. Somehow I get out of the house in the end.

3)Third time, I was dreaming that I go with 2 persons to restaurant to eat something (when I was dreaming these 2 person was familiar but after woke up I realise I never seen or familiar with them). So we go to some other restaurant. but there was a girl who doesn't give me a good vibe. After sometime I realise she was trying to eat (of course, flesh) a person who was with me. Somehow I was trying to stop it.Then I read surah fatiha and threatened her I would read ayatul kursi if she doesn't stop...she stopped and I woke up from dream. Well It's also felt real to me.

I hope someone answer my questions and sorry for my bad English skills.

Allah hafez

- Tamanna

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